Wednesday, September 15, 2010


  1. great as always))))))
    nice composition)

  2. This is brilliant, looking forward to seeing what happens next. Love your use of colour as well, and just the way the story has moved in in general.

  3. Rao Phoenix2:10 pm

    Sorry : moved 'on' in general.

  4. I really like the colors in this painting. Neat effect!

  5. Great notice you have a blog!!!

    I follow your work lots and lots of years ago... I remember the fustr works of you I seen in spain, was batman cards, little ilustrations, and then for Magic. In those days I was absolutely fan of Simon Bisley, and everthing a little bit similar was great for me!

    I rediscovered your work and your new styles whith your wb side, and then when I see Batman concepts in the book.

    I think you became a really big artist, and you have the same stamp of the first works, but more personalitty. Sorry my shit of English and congratulations! It' s a good notice you keep creating=)

  6. I am not saying the truth. The fist work I see, it was Slaine. In Spain it was published together whith Glenn Fabry' s work.

    I have to take a llock just now and see some things!

    It was hard this work? I think comics are one of the most dificult things to draw.. Maybe each one has different opinions... It was great!!! Right now is dificult to think in a comic like slaine, computer replace this kind of colours.

  7. I learned to draw doing comics and was very influenced by Bisley and Fabry and Sinkewicz and others...I had to change careers to try and find my own style. the blog is my chance to draw whatever I want in whatever style I want whenever I want. most of my working life is spent designing to order and sometimes the orders are bit rubbish . 'Treasures of Britain' is the best Slaine work I've done..there are some pages of it on my site .

  8. I am refreshing my memory.. sorry for my stupid comments.

    I see in Slaine yo did 6 pages(For the spanish edition) The last 6, but I think you have more pages of Slaine, maybe another album was published in Spain... But now I am loocking in internet, and see some works that didn' t arrive to spain. Whith Fabr, and Greg Staples... it was really exciting to work whith them I supose! And Pat Mills, of course.

    Ok, I shut up. Only give you a link, it' s a fake trailer about Slaine, maybe you know that, but it' s really well done. Know you have contacts in hollywood, this film will be great!;)